The Girl Upstairs: Silk Scarves: Not Just For Old School Hollywood

Silk scarves tend to be associated with old school hollywood or older ladies going for afternoon tea, but they are so much more than that. Our gorgeous range of pure silk scarves at Scarf Room include bright and bold designs perfect for a younger audience and more and more people are starting to add these perfect accessories to their wardrobe for a go-to stylish and sophisticated look.

One of the best things about silk scarves is that because they are so wonderfully elegant they can be the perfect focus for your outfit, without overtaking the outfit too much. As they are so lightweight and floaty it means that you don’t feel like you’re adding an extra layer, especially if it’s warm outside (on the three days we get hot weather in Britain!)

With their really soft and silky feel, when you have a beautiful silk scarf wrapped around you it just feels so luxurious; whether you wrap the scarves around your body and let them hang over your arms in an elegant drape or tie them in a simple knot around your neck they create such a striking look, especially when you go for a bold colour or print.

Adding a silk scarf to an outfit can give it a really special edge and give an overall glamorous look, which means they are perfect for adding to a simple daytime outfit or for completing a dazzling evening look.


The royal blue pretty flowers pure silk scarf gives a lovely pop of colour to the plain black outfit, creating an overall elegant and stylish look, but as you can see it also compliments the cobalt coloured dress beautifully, becoming the perfect accessory for a more dressed up occasion, which just shows how perfectly versatile this gorgeous ladies’ scarf is.


They are also the perfect gift for a special present, if you have a big birthday occasion or a really special thank you for someone. With our wide range of designs it is easy to choose the perfect design as there are lovely bright colours as well as more neutral and subtle colour schemes, depending on the person you are buying for. My favourite silk scarves that would make perfect gifts are the ivory multi coloured floral purple border silk scarf and the hot pink, purple and yellow floral pure silk scarf.


If you want to really utilise your silk scarf, during the summer you can even use it as a sarong as they are the perfect tie around  when wearing a bikini to the beach or pool. As most of our silk scarves are large enough to do this, it’s a perfect summer twist for your suitcase. They feel amazing to wear like this and you won’t want to take it off! The bright and bold colours that we have in our collection are perfect for sarongs to create a really summery feel, especially the floral, butterfly and abstract prints that we have here at Scarf Room.


One silk scarf can so easily be used in many different ways and styles, which is why it makes it so worth it to have a least one in your wardrobe, so that you can intensify a simple outfit really easily. These women’s scarves are not just for a one-off occasion; although they are perfect for special occasions they can fit into your everyday wardrobe so easily and you can certainly never have too many! Explore our gorgeous range of stunning women’s silk scarves collection to find the perfect one for you.


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